A 1st wedding anniversary marks your initial milestone as a married couple, filled with 1 year, 12 months, 365 days (366 days this year 😉 ) of wonderful memories and achievements.

It is time to celebrate, and the traditional way to do this is with a paper gift. Paper is a timeless form of expression, evoking images of love letters written by candlelight, poetry, literature, or even a marriage certificate. I also believe that a paper anniversary gift represents the origins of your love and the beginning of your story.

Here are my 12 favourite paper gift ideas – 1 for every month of your 1st year together:

  1. A poster or print of your 1st dance lyrics


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  1. A paper bouquet


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  1. A handwritten poem


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  1. A special edition of their favourite book


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  1. Tickets to a show or concert


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  1. A newspaper that features your anniversary date (or, make your own)


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  1. A travel guide of your favourite place, or ready for your next holiday



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  1. A personalised journal (or a journal they can personalise)


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  1. A bottle of bubbly with a personalised paper label


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  1. A scrapbook of your first year


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  1. An illustration of your wedding day


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  1. ..and, of course, a card –but maybe include a paper lottery ticket for extra luck!


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