Danny, MD of Fwd: Events, talks carpe diem, taking chances and creating your perfect career.

It’s impossible for me to write a job spec

In between event planning, hosting parties, writing adverts, designing Elizabethan costumes, coordinating art exhibitions, cleaning carpets, housesitting and acting as a PA, Danny is also a board member for a local theatre organisation.

Danny wears all his many hats with style – and successfully delivers everything with such pinpoint precision that you know he is the only man for his unspecified job title.

I started out with the oddest job, but it was such good fun and suited me just fine

His career began by chance when he was invited to help a friend run the tea room of an open garden over the summer. Danny clearly made an impression on the owners of the estate, as tea serving quickly turned into writing cheques and, before he knew it, he became their PA. Danny was 15 at the time, so before and after school and at weekends he would help the owners run their beautiful, award-winning gardens, plan and host events, clean up after said events and organise diaries.

Take every opportunity as it may lead to something else…

By the time Danny had graduated from university, his employers had moved to Cornwall (he still works for them on a freelance basis) and a new owner, Thomas, had moved into Hanham Court.

Not one to let an opportunity pass by, Danny posted a handwritten note to Thomas welcoming him to the area and suggesting in as many words that he should be his new PA. It worked; although this time the PA role was already taken, so a new role was invented for Danny: Event Manager.

After a wonderful few years wining and dining with the A-list (Thomas owned several art galleries, among other ventures), Thomas sold Hanham Court. As Danny helped Thomas pack up his belongings, he said his own personal goodbyes to the house as well; he didn’t think he’d have another chance like this again and didn’t quite know what to do.

Where do hobbies end and work begin?

It was then that he was introduced to the new (and current) owners of Hanham Court: Richard and Julia. He offered to help settle them in and make the most of their wonderful new home; plus, he also persuaded them to host their first wedding reception in the gardens for a couple getting married at the church on the same estate – which is how my now husband and I first had the honour of meeting Danny, as our wedding planner.

The wedding planning process, and the wedding itself, made Danny realise that he loved event planning – and was really, really great at it (trust me; our special day could not have gone better). He felt that he could make something of this and so Fwd: Events was born.

Fwd: Events always needs to be spelt out and explained to people, but I think they find it intriguing; I also think it’s about constantly progressing, improving yourself

Since launching as a full-fledged event enterprise, Danny has put his all into every project. He takes on as much, or as little (usually the former), of the event planning and management process as clients wish across the wedding, celebrations, corporate and charity sectors. By partnering with other professionals in the catering, outdoor staging and entertainment industries, Danny is able to offer the complete package.

His year, so far, includes multiple trips to London and Cornwall; the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations; gala dances; theatre performances; art gallery and charity launches; weddings abroad and in the UK; speech coaching …and he even finds the time to attend a painting class.

There was also the time Danny accidently stepped into the the Kuwati ambassador’s car and secured a meeting with him by the time he stepped out – inadvertently inventing a new means of advertising. 

Don’t ever label yourself, or limit yourself: let your name be your brand…

Danny lives by this mantra, and it’s on this aspirational note that I leave him to get the train on to his next business venture.

Book Danny for your next event at: http://www.fwd-events.co.uk