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Creative Words

A goldsmith, forgotten silver, and a bronze dragon

This is Harold Hedges in action — the man trusted by generations of families to design and make their jewellery. I was fortunate enough to interview this wonderful man as part of the Make A Place series: an online photojournalism platform for…

Creative Words

In the words of copywriters

5 minutes with Jo and Katie The world of commercial words is perhaps so easy to understand that it is completely misunderstood. It’s time to put a spotlight on the word artistes. Introducing the crème de la copywriting crème,…

Creative Words

The word lover’s workout

Write, proofread, repeat. Proofreading is like an exercise for the mind: it boosts brain power, sharpens your memory, increases productivity – and just like any workout, the more you do it, the better the results. What’s more, it’s a…