In a word: words

Words that make them love and long for your idea, product or service. Words that inform, inspire or entertain. Words that create all the beautiful written content your brand needs to succeed.

It’s where our story begins. In a place where taglines, straplines, scripts, presentations, documents, content and prose are imagined and turned into reality.

It’s a journey that takes us through planning, defining, writing, refining and the final proof, creating your next chapter to share in print, in pixels and in person.

It’s time to make your word wishes come true.

from initial idea to the final full stop.


tone of voice | content strategy | workshops


taglines | headlines | soundbites | adverts | packaging | leaflets | brochures | presentations

Content writing

websites | blogs | articles | reports | press releases | menus

Creative writing

fiction | scripts | poems

behind the pen

I’m Lara: a freelance copywriter, content writer and creative writer based in Bristol. I’ve worked in words for over 12 years now, but my love of literature and language goes back as far as I can remember.

Candi Creations is my studio. It’s where I happily spend my days writing away for creative agencies, brands and entrepreneurs.

I enjoy collaborating with the big-name brands that we all know and love, as well as the small business owners who put their heart and soul into everything.

your next chapter starts here

Old friend? I’m always here for you.

New friend? Happy to hear from you…


Bristol, UK